Sunday, June 13, 2010

Evolution 2010 Fast Approaching

It's hard to believe, but Evolution 2010 in Portland, OR is right around the corner. According to their website, it will be the largest Evolution meetings ever with > 1,800 registrants and > 1,050 talks. Judging from the recently posted program, the meeting will have quite a lot to offer to those interested in all things phylogenetic. I count 6 sessions on "phylogenetic theory", a whopping 13 sessions on "phylogeography", 12 sessions on "phylogenetics & diversification", and lots of other related topics. Unfortunately, many of these sessions are overlapping on Saturday and Sunday. I hope everyone arrives rested and with a large coffee mug! (I'm serious about the mugs. The organizers are pushing to reduce waste at the meeting and are asking everyone to bring their own reusable beverage containers.)

On a side note, I will be acting as a mentor on Saturday for the Undergraduate Diversity program. Part of the program's purpose is to help participating undergraduates network by meeting researchers in the field. So, if you see me on Saturday, please stop for a quick hello and introductions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who can make it!

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  1. I took a look at the schedule, and wowza! there is a lot going on. I look forward to seeing folks I know, and getting a chance to talk to geodendroners I only know through their work. See you there!